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This button is from a dress that I made for the christening of my first-born, Tony.

I made the dress when my husband Frank was serving in the army in Germany. Because Frank was away I had time on my hands.


Tony was christened in 1959 in Kent. The weather on that day was horrible and it poured with rain. I got dressed up again on the following day to have a photo taken of myself in the dress I had made, as Frank was now back home.

I kept this button and the label from Tony’s pram. (Although, like a lot of expectant mothers I wouldn’t have the pram delivered until my baby was born). It was considered to be bad luck to have the pram in the house before the baby.

My son Tony now lives in Arizona. The fabric I have chosen as a background for this button is also called Arizona. When I saw it I was reminded of that long ago day in Kent when my son was christened.

Pat Ollive

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Wetting the Baby’s Head
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