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The Button Tree Stories                        

Fun Facts about Buttons                   

How We Made the Button Tree           

Some Unusual Buttons 



A First World War Soldier:  Tim Curtis


A Cambridgeshire ‘Pal’ :  Phil Robinson


The Chatsworth ButtonDavid & Susan Porter


Eye of the Storm


Riotous Riders 


Pearls for Heroes :  Fiona Lidgey-Robinon  


The ‘Railway Family’ : Mark Lemon


The Colours of a Kingfisher : Sally-Anne Golds


The Cot : Jennifer Stevens    


A Very Special Little Dress : Viv Golds 


Omdurman to Madam Toussauds : Roger Rix


An Elegant Lady :  Sukie Hoyle


Bright as a Button : Deborah Curtis


Marble Pitching for Buttons : John Lyons


Part of the ‘Guinness Family’ 


A Special ‘Army’ Button : Maureen Caddy


From the West End to Westminster


Why I Don’t Eat My Friends!


Two Buttons for Auntie Ethel 


Always a Wren : Deborah Curtis 


Policing our Community : Sargent Phil Priestly


Keeping the Faith in the Fens 


Bringing ‘Hope’ to Littleport : Maureen Scott


Wetting the Baby’s Head :  Pat Olive


A Powerful Global Union 


Shadow of a Horseman : Field Theatre Group


Sorry I Never Knew You 


Don’t call it just ‘jam and Jerusalem’


Teddy with the Button Brown Eyes : Jean Rees-Lyons


The Field Theatre Group   


Adams Heritage Centre   


The Heritage Lottery Fund                          


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