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This button has been donated by the Littleport branch of the Mothers’ Union.


The Mothers’ Union was started in 1876 by grandmother Mary Sumner. She held meetings for mothers in her village in Hampshire. It was launched as a national organisation at the 1885 Church Congress. There are now more than 4 million members, in 83 countries worldwide. The Mothers’ Union is a powerful organisation which aims to promote and strengthen Christian family life through prayer, worship and fellowship.

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A Powerful Global Union

The work of the Mothers’ Union includes:

Representation on the UN Commission on the status of women, Membership of the Anglican Consultative Council Delegation of Women to the UN. Consultation in the UK on all legislation concerning families.


The Mothers’ Union runs literacy and development programmes in Africa, where more than 80,000 people have benefited. It has enabled literacy learners to be involved in income-generating projects, such as trading palm oil, rearing goats, rice and vegetable growing and handicrafts.


The Union has also provided micro-loans to participants in their programmes.  The organisation has worked with families in Africa to tackle problems such as soil erosion, famine, food hygiene and AID/HIV. The Mothers’ Union has set up groups in the UK, Ireland and the Caribbean, where parents can meet and make friends, share ideas, exchange tips, and discuss all issues relating to the joys and challenges of raising children!

 Members of the Mothers’ Union work as volunteers in prisons all over the world. The Mothers’ Union also campaigns for improvements in family life. Most recently they have worked to combat the sexualisation of children through the ‘Bye-Bye-Childhood’ programme. As well as working on a global level, the Mothers’ Union also organises  a wide range of local initiatives.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Littleport branch of the Mothers’ Union, please contact the group via the St George’s Church website.

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